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Health News

What to know about cupping therapy

Date: Mar-28-2019
Cupping therapy involves placing cups on the body and creating suction. Benefits include pain relief and sports recovery. There are also some potential side effects, such as nausea and headaches. Learn more here.

Hypothyroidism: Foods to eat and avoid

Date: Mar-28-2019
Certain diets can improve hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, while others can make the symptoms worse. In this article, we look at which foods and nutrients to eat and avoid to improve the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Normal sperm count: Everything you need to know

Date: Mar-28-2019
A sperm count is part of a larger test called semen analysis. A doctor may test a person’s sperm count if they have fertility concerns. Learn about average, low, and high sperm counts here.

Everything you need to know about antifreeze poisoning

Date: Mar-27-2019
People who suspect that they or someone else has antifreeze poisoning should seek immediate medical care. Symptoms develop slowly, so it is important to seek help even if no symptoms are present. Early symptoms may be similar to alcohol intoxication. Learn more, including treatment and prevention, here.

Why do antidepressants fail for some?

Date: Mar-27-2019
Differences in genes and structures of nerve cell that make and use serotonin could explain why some people with major depression do not respond to SSRIs.

Knee osteoarthritis: A low-carb diet may relieve symptoms

Date: Mar-27-2019
A new study compares the effects of a low-carb diet with those of a regular diet and a low-fat diet on knee osteoarthritis in older adults.

Can changes in brain energy pathways cause depression?

Date: Mar-27-2019
Scientists repurposed an accessible bioinformatics tool to find DNA mutations, some of which occur at high levels in people with major depressive disorder.

What really happens in the brain during a hallucination?

Date: Mar-27-2019
A new study reveals a surprising brain mechanism tied to the experience of drug-induced hallucinations. These findings may even have wider implications.

The effects of going more than 24 hours without sleep

Date: Mar-26-2019
It is not clear how long a person can go without sleep, but in a famous 1964 experiment, a person managed to stay awake for 264 hours. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect energy levels, mood, and cognitive functioning. In the long term, it can increase a person's risk of several chronic conditions. Learn more here.

Is it safe to take Humira and alcohol together?

Date: Mar-26-2019
Humira is a biologic medication that treats inflammatory conditions. In this article, we look at the safety and risks associated with taking Humira and drinking alcohol. We also discuss other Humira side effects and interactions.