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Most Viewed Clinics
1) Global Medical Center
2) Shanthi Medical Center
3) Sharjah Corniche Hospital (par...
4) Advanced Eye Clinic (Dr. V. G....
5) Dr. Mohamed Elnounou
6) Middle East Medical Center
7) Dr. Tigani Shayeb Clinic
8) Al Jawdah Medical Centre
9) Limar Medical Center
10) Sam Specialized Medical Center
11) Al-Amoodi Medical Center
12) Diamond Specialized Medical Ce...
13) Gentle Care Medical Center
14) KKT International Spine Center
15) Al Dana Medical Center
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Latest Health News
Oct-21: Transition from moderate to problem drinking hinges on genetic material
Oct-21: Noise-induced hearing loss restored in mice
Oct-21: Mental rest and reflection 'boost learning'
Oct-21: Paralyzed man walks again after nose cells repair his spinal cord
Oct-21: Ultrasound reduces chest lines and wrinkles
Oct-21: Non-smoking life in smoking homes comparable to polluted cities
Oct-21: Without exit screening, three Ebola-infected travelers will fly each month
Oct-21: Vaccinations 'not linked to increased risk of MS, central nervous system disorders'
Oct-20: Lower vitamin D levels found in children who drink non-cow's milk
Oct-20: Could eating more fish make antidepressants work better?
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