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Gulf Eye Center (Private Clinic)

Office Suite 615, Fairmont Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Rd.
Across from World Trade Center Metro Station
Bur Dubai, Dubai


During the past 15 years we have we have focused our attention on Vision Restoration, Vision Correction and Vision Rehabilitation as well as Visual Health.

We thus see and treat all ages "from the Cradle to the Grave" as per their needs with Surgeries, Medications Contact Lenses and Guidance, and will refer patients that need more complicated care to the appropriate expertise.

One of our main areas of focus is helping children who are losing their vision due to excessive screen time and not enough time spent outdoors.
OrthoKeratology - known as Ortho-K is a non-surgical fully reversible procedure wherein the patient inserts bespoke hard contact lenses last thing at night, and remove these first thing in the morning.
Not only does this allow the patient to be Spectacle and Contact lens FREE during the day - a great help for playing sports - but it also inhibits the further progression of their Myopia.

With DRY EYES being so prevalent in Dubai - due in no small part to our delightful Summer weather - we specialize in helping all patients, and especially Contact Lens wearers, overcome this condition using our State of the Art Equipment.

Opening Hours

8:30am to 19:00 (7pm)

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