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Toothsmiths Dental Center & Clover Medical Centre (Private Polyclinic)

Branch Tecom
Suite No. 307, Warsan Tower, Nxt to: Dubai Media Rotanna, Opp: American School of Dubai, Tecom
+971 (0) 551209888

Branch Bur Dubai
Suite MO6, Bin Thani Building, Above NBAD Bank and Prime Medical Center, Nr Bur Juman Mall, Umm Hurair 1
+971 (0) 50 7680740
Tecom Internet city & Bur Dubai, Dubai


Dr. Sameer H. Shaikh is a second generation orthodontist who received his dental degree from Mangalore University (1995) with Distinction & was the recipient of the Mangalore University Gold Medal for being the Best Outgoing Student of his batch. He earned his Masters Degree in Orthodontics with Distinction from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in 1997. He has held faculty positions in the Dr D. Y. Patil Dental College, Mumbai & was responsible for instituting the Straight Wire Program during his teaching stint there. He is the recipient of the Bajpai-Sahai Award for advancement in Biomaterials.

Dr Sameer Shaikh derives his pedigree and his yearn for orthodontics from his late father, Dr H. S. Shaikh, who was accredited as being the first Indian trained Orthodontist. Dr H. S. Shaikh was a doyen in the field of Orthodontics and in a career spanning 40 years and was responsible for educating 4 decades of Orthodontists.
Being in active clinical practice of Orthodontics exclusively for the past 15 years, Dr Shaikh has maintained an acute interest in recent advancements in material science and modern innovations in the field of orthodontics by attending numerous national and international seminars & conferences. He practices with the latest & best products utilizing the Straight-Wire Orthodontic Appliance (Braces) including Invisible & Lingual Braces. Currently,his interest is in the use of Micro-Implants for improving the orthodontic treatment results.

Dr Arjumand, Dental Implantologist
We are delighted to invite Dr Arjumand, Dental Implantologist to our esteemed Team. She has graduated from the prestigious Government Dental College , Mumbai , in 1991.
Ever since ,she has been striving towards excellence in Dentistry with an aim to provide her patients with improved dental function and esthetics.
She has been awarded with various honors such as
-Diplomate of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), USA
-Ambassador of the ICOI, USA
-Fellow of the ICD (International College of Dentists) ,USA
-Fellow of the IAACD (Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry), India
She has been an Instructor at the IDSC course (Dubai) where dentists learn Implantology.
She has also been involved in programs, to serve the community.

Dr. Smrithi Varma is a certified specialist in Periodontology and Implantology with a wealth of experience in hospital, community and general dentistry. She has graduated from the well known Dr MGR Medical University in 2003.  Following a period of general practice for over several years, she pursued her specialization in the field of Periodontics from Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, India.

She has also participated in various social awareness campaigns such Cancer awareness camps and No Tobacco campaigns across India. She has also been an active member of the de-addiction centre as a part of the College Campus. With a passion for health care and extensive knowledge in the field of Periodontics, Dr.Smrithi inculcates an evidence based approach making sure that her patients get the best of her skills.

She has several publications and scientific presentations to her credit at national and international levels. Her interest in cosmetic gum surgery culminated in her research and publication of her work comparing the various treatment modalities. She has continued to maintain her zeal in clinical practice providing the patients with the highest quality of care achievable.  In addition to her practice, she continued to guide both graduate and post graduate students for several years.

Dr. Seema Vohra graduated from university of Mumbai in 1998.She has worked in Mumbai and Dubai as a general dentist. She has good experience in preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. She is dedicated in providing her patients with dental excellence, personal attention and high quality of dental care. She has just completed her Degree in MSc in Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry from the U.K.
The extensive experience in clinical practice earned over the years have helped in sensitizing her to the needs and concerns of the patient. Keeping abreast of current trends in clinical and technological innovations in the dental diaspora has provided her with the right armamentarium to address to the needs of the various predicaments seen in clinical practice.

Dr. Dorcus has completed her Master’s Program in the field of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Her speciality now revolves around oral surgical procedures like removal of impacted wisdom teeth, frenectomies, abscess drainage, gingivectomy, apicectomies, cyst enucleations and gum contouring. She developed excellent surgical skills in a graded and systematic manner that vastly improved her repertoire. Over the years, her experience has inspired her to strive for excellence in surgical correction of oral tissues. Her current interests include minimal invasive surgical access and the use of Lasers in dentistry.
She excelled in her academics, presented numerous scientific papers and has taken the opportunity to attend numerous conferences in order to keep updated on the current trends in Oral Surgery. She has participated in various dental awareness camps and provided service. She is highly experienced and worked as an Oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a couple of years in a multispeciality hospital, India.
Her first journal published was “Computer aided planning and intraoperative navigation in craniomaxillofacial surgery”.
Few of her scientific paper presentations include “Bone morphogenetic proteins in craniomaxillofacial surgery” &“Computer aided planning and intraoperative navigation in craniomaxillofacial surgery” presented at 34th Annual conference of the AOMSI and 1st joint meeting with BAOMS, Cochin, India
Her research activities include Clinical and radiographic evaluation of status of impacted mandibular third molars in GITAM University population &Role of piezoelectric osteotomy in orthognathic surgery.
Over the years, her experience has certainly been affirming and has inspired her to stay dedicated and look forward for opportunities to seek high professional satisfaction, excellent decision making and thorough clinical practice.
She is ambitious and a competent oral surgeon and her key goals are to:
- Perform surgical procedures with precision
- Provide quality comprehensive dental care
- Maintain safety and infection control standards
She is a member of:
- Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India

Dr Basit is MDS, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.
His specialty includes procedures like
Root Canal Treatments
Restoration of mutilated teeth using Post and Core
Tooth Whitening
Surgical procedures relevant to Endodontics
Inlays / Onlays”“
His prime aspiration is to deliver the best dental services to his patients, and to achieve this objective he has spent many years perfecting his skills and keeping abreast of the latest advancements in Dentistry as a whole.
He has co-authored articles in eminent National and International Journals, the most recent of which was titled “Influence of Aspirin on Post Extraction Bleeding – A Clinical Study” published in the Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry, in November 2014.
As a Post Graduate student he was awarded “Best Paper in Session” for his paper titled “An in vitro evaluation of the effect of various disinfecting solutions and disinfection protocols on the surface topography of gutta percha cones : a SEM study.”
Dr Basit has worked as a Consultant in many prestigious dental clinics and as a faculty member in a Dental College in India before quitting academics and wholeheartedly pursuing his true passion, which is to serve his patients with dedication.

Dr. Mamta  has completed her BDS from NTR University of Health Sciences. As one of the bright students in her college, she had the opportunity to work in a private clinic during her internship itself. Having earned 3 years of experience in India, where she was exposed to many complicated cases and held several dental camps, she moved to Dubai in 2012.
She has furthered her clinical knowledge by earning the International Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry, a long distance course from New York University. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry and has a keen interest in rotary root canal, dentures and pediatric dentistry. She understands the patients concerns and explains the procedure to them in a simple approach. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Sindhi, Tamil and Telugu.
Dr. Mamta is a confident communicator who can relate well to dental patients. She keeps herself up with the current trends in dentistry & provides the same to her patients She loves to treat her patients with a humane touch and apply problem solving methodology in her dental practice.

Dr. Chinchu Chandran. - GP Dentist
She has done her Graduation from Government Medical College, India. She then went on to a 1 year surgical training in the Head and Neck Department of the prestigious super specialty hospital Amrita Institute of Medical Science, India.
While at Amrita Institute of Medical Science she was lecturer and guide to dental students and was attending patients in the out patient ward of the hospital.

After working in India for 6 years, she moved to Dubai. During the last 7 years in Dubai she has worked in various prestigious clinics here.
Dr.Chinchu does a variety of dental procedures that includes surgical cases like removal of impacted wisdom tooth,removal of cyst and sub-mandibular calculus, root canal treatment of adult and child, cosmetic work like veneers and lumineers along with usual prosthetic work like crowns and bridges. Dr Chinchu's wide array of experience has equipped her to attain high level of excellence and quality in the treatment and care provided to patients. — with Dr Chinchu Chandran.

Toothsmiths Dental Center came into existence in mid 2011.This was the brainchild of 3 dental professionals who have been in active clinical practice of dentistry in Dubai in their various spheres of dental specialties for more than 15 years.

The objective was to provide appropriate dental solutions using the latest and best of available dental material & technology in an ambient sterile atmosphere at a convenient location with efficient and caring auxiliary staff. At present, the Bur Dubai Branch has 4 clinical operatories which provide cutting-edge dental treatment in the fields of general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgical treatment, preventive dentistry, implantodontology & cosmetic dentistry. Toothsmiths has an active case bank of more than 1000 patients undergoing dental treatment at present with a history of more than 20000 patients who have been treated by the primary dentists in the past decade.

Dr Sameer H. Shaikh – Orthodontist
Dr Seema Vohra – G. P. Dentist
Dr Dorcus– G. P. Dentist (MD Oral Surgeon)

It has been our endeavor to constantly improve and upgrade our services keeping the patients care & convenience in mind in order to provide the finest in dental care.

With experienced dentists, sophisticated tools and the most advanced technology, Toothsmiths has raised dental surgery standards in Dubai. Our comprehensive range of dental services comes with the same care, comfort, and quality that brand Toothsmiths is associated with.

This involves the correction of the teeth, bite and jaws using fixed braces, aligners and removable devices. Toothsmiths Dental Centre provides the latest in comprehensive orthodontics for the correction of irregular teeth for children & adults. Dr Sameer Shaikh has spent the past 15 years in the field of clinical orthodontics with over 10000 treated cases to his credit.

Typically, according to existing international protocol, a child should be examined by an orthodontist at the age of 8 years. Early intervention with braces has helped in providing for better results with a reduced dependency on future extractions by maximizing the effects of growth modulation.  In children, orthodontic treatment is done in 2 phases or sometimes in a single phase. This is dependent on the age of the patient and the severity of the problem. An experienced orthodontist would be adept at providing you with the required information at the initial consultation.

Phase 1 Treatment normally deals with the elimination of deleterious oral habits such as thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting etc, the correction of jaw discrepancies and the retraction of the upper front teeth to create a harmonious bite which results in a protected occlusion. (current orthodontic trends)

Phase 2 is usually undertaken following the eruption of all the permanent teeth and is aimed at creating a fabulous smile with a good occlusion and a harmonious soft tissue profile.

Today, a high percentage of adults are seeking orthodontic correction of their teeth. In an upwardly mobile world, everyone wants to have a more presentable look and this feel has now extended to their smiles. Adults present with two major issues as pertains to treatment with braces. The absence of growth creates the need for extractions and the social issues relating to visibility of the braces often plays on their minds.

At Toothsmiths Dental Centre, we provide varied options to the adult patient.

1. Conventional Metal Braces (current orthodontic trends)
2. Ceramic Braces (current orthodontic trends)
3. Lingual Braces (current orthodontic trends)
4. Self-Ligating Braces (Damon) (current orthodontic trends)
5. Invislalign (current orthodontic trends)
6. Micro-Implant Assisted Braces. (current orthodontic trends)

Restorative Dentistry
This branch of dentistry involves the restoration of damaged portions of the teeth due to decay, decalcification or fracture. Toothsmiths Dental Centre employs the use of hybrid composite restorative material (tooth-colored) & ceramics to recreate the damaged tooth portion to its original look! Our G. P. Dentists take extra care to ensure your treatment is a painless and pleasant experience by using high revolution drills under adequate anesthesia.

Oral Surgery
This branch of dentistry deals with the removal of broken and impacted teeth especially wisdom teeth which have become a source of discomfort. In addition, our very experienced Oral Surgeon deals with all sorts of minor surgical procedures involving the teeth, gums and jaws. This treatment is usually done in the dental operatory itself in aseptic minor operating theatre conditions and more difficult cases can be dealt by him in the hospital operating theatre too.

Currently, the use of implants for the replacement of missing teeth has generated a lot of interest in the dental provider’s world. As opposed to the replacement of missing teeth by the use of a fixed bridge which involved the grinding of the adjacent healthy teeth, the use of implants provides for a simple and non-destructive modality for tooth replacement. An implant is a titanium screw which when inserted into the jaw bone will mimic the root of the tooth. Upon acceptance of this titanium insert by the body, an anatomic crown can be placed on the implant at a future date. Our Implantologist is certified by the Bredma Program, Sweden and has received his license to practice by the Dubai Health Authority.
Root Canal Treatment
In case of deep decays or tooth fractures, the nerve & pulp tissue of the tooth can be infected & inflamed. In order to save the natural tooth, the dentist will resort to a root canal treatment to preserve the tooth. At Toothsmiths Dental Centre, our highly experienced dentists use the latest in motorized root canal preparatory instruments to absolutely guarantee you a painless and successful root canal treatment. X-rays to confirm the accuracy of the treatment is done using Radiovisiography which provides an amazingly clear insight into the tooth morphology. Often the root canal treatment is followed by the replacement of the damaged crown with porcelain/ceramic crown.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Everyone wants to have a radiant smile and at Toothsmiths Dental Centre, we believe that everyone should have a radiant smile. A dazzling smile does wonders to your confidence and persona. Using current trends in modern cosmetic dentistry, your dentist can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are fractured, discolored, malformed, crowded or missing. Cosmetic Dentistry involves the use of various adjunctive procedures like whitening, veneers, lumineers, bonding and crown lengthening.
In order to improve upon the cosmetics of your smile, we can employ the use of the following modalities:
1.  Smile Makeovers (read more)
2.  Whitening (read more)
3.  Veneers (read more)
4.  Lumineers (read more)
5.  Crown Lengthening (read more)
6.  Dental Jewelry (read more)
Smile Makeovers
We often come across patients who want to have a perfect smile or a smile like one of their favorite celebrities. Here, we analyze your smile by taking photographs and making study models. We design a smile using wax on your study models and can temporarily transfer that look onto your teeth. You can get to have a look and get a feel of what the end result would approximately look like before you actually commit to the treatment. Smile makeovers will involve a multispecialty approach by one or more of our specialists to give you that perfect smile. In order to achieve the perfect look, we will have to employ the use of veneers/lumineers, crowns, bridges and gum procedures.
Stained, discolored & yellow teeth do present with a social stigma. We have grown up to the term “pearly whites” which denotes fabulously whiter teeth which increase the glow of your face. Whitening of the teeth has gained in strides over the last two decades. This involves the process known as bleaching of the teeth with the use of chemical agents that whiten your teeth. From a simple home whitening regimen to a single in-office procedure, you can be assured that you will have movie star smile at a very affordable price. Home Whitening involves the use of a custom made tray that can be used in the convenience and privacy of your home for a period of 2 – 4 weeks to provide the desired shade.  At Toothsmiths Dental Centre, we employ the use of light-activated whitening using plasma arcs & lasers. We follow up on the maintenance of the derived result by providing you with a home whitening kit too! In under an hour you can have that ravishing smile that you often see in magazines.
These are thin porcelain shells that can be fitted on your natural teeth to achieve the desired shade and form of the teeth. Any anomalies of the teeth due to spaces, discoloration, decay, fracture of edges, misalignment or malformed teeth can be corrected by using veneers. Veneers require mild preparation of the tooth to compensate for the added thickness of the porcelain. In less than 3-4 appointments, you can have the perfect ravishing smile.
These are extremely thin cerinate shells which can be bonded onto unprepared teeth. In a nutshell, the original tooth is not touched in any way that can be deemed detrimental. Lumineers can provide a whiter and more radiant smile in a painless procedure.  A Lumineer consultation involves the taking of dental impressions to create molds on which a temporary set-up is created. Once the patient has approved the set-up, a try-in with the actual finished product is scheduled following which the lumineers are bonded onto the teeth. We provide with a 5 year company warranty on Lumineers.
Crown Lengthening
Sometimes, cosmetic dental procedures are incomplete without adjunctive procedures involving the reshaping of the surrounding gums and de-pigmentation procedures. Crown Lengthening involves resection & correction of the gums at the necks of the clinical crowns. This is mostly done in cases where the marginal gums are enlarged or poorly contoured. A minor surgical in-office procedure is performed wherein the collar cuff of this marginal gum is reshaped using lasers to provide for faster healing and excellent results.
Dental Jewelry
Recently, a new fad has developed with the addition of dental jewelry onto the facial surfaces of the anterior teeth. Given the fact that these little inserts are inert and safe, there has been a high demand from patients calling up the dental office and inquiring about these products.Dental Jewelry come in the form of various shaped zircon stones having a bondable surface and also metal shapes with colored stones that can be easily applied onto the enamel. These can be removed at any time without leaving residual marks on the enamel surfaces.
Paediatric Dentistry
Preventive & Interceptive actions instituted at the correct early age can lead to fewer and more pleasant visits to the dental office for the little ones.  At Toothsmiths Dental Centre, we believe that prevention is the recipe for good oral health. Our Preventive programs are aimed at the early detection of developing issues regarding the oral health and the institution of a preventive program that incorporates the periodic fluoridation of the teeth, routine oral prophylaxis and the use of sealants for the pit & fissures of the teeth. Early diagnosis of developing orthodontic issues due to deleterious oral habits is an added plus.
Missing teeth prove to be chink in the armor. Apart from the poor esthetics they present, they can also be a source of incorrect eating habits especially unilateral chewing wherein the patient prefers to eat food only form one side. A single missing tooth can cause a migration of the remaining teeth which in turn could lead to a poor smile due to the creation of spaces between the teeth and unnatural eruption of the opposing teeth which could cause an issue with the TMJ. Replacing the missing teeth is paramount to safeguarding the integrity of your occlusion. Our Dentists will provide you with various solutions to achieve this goal within the budget stipulated by you. Teeth can be replaced using customized dentures, ceramic crowns & bridges and implant procedures.
Gum Treatment
The gums surrounding the teeth provide for an overall look in the smile. A healthy gum is an asset and health of the gingival tissue is an integral component of comprehensive dental care. Incorrect brushing methods and lack of adequate oral hygiene can lead to inflamed and reddened gums. This will affect the esthetics of the smile; can cause pain and halitosis (bad breath). Gum Treatment comprises of regular oral prophylaxis which involves periodic cleaning and deep scaling to cleanse the teeth of accumulated plaque, tartar & stains. Following a regular prophylaxis, it has been shown that the patient finds it easier to maintain the health of the gums by regular home-based oral care which involves correct brushing methods, use of appropriate tooth pastes, periodic use of prescribed mouth rinses and flossing.
In instances, there can be pathologies involving the gums which includes but is not limited to:
1.  Sporadic enlargements of the marginal gingival
2.  Periodontal weakening of the teeth due to bone loss
3.  Periodontal abcess formation
4.  Periodontal Pocket Formation
5.  Gingival Recession
6.  Trauma from Occlusion

In the above instances, gum treatment will have to be considered. Gum Treatment can involve the:
1.  Minor surgical procedures using soft-diode lasers to recontour the marginal gingival
2.  Flap Surgeries in case of bone loss, gingival recession & periodontal pockets with placement of artificial bone augmentation materials.
3.  Incision & Drainage of abscesses.

Toothsmiths Dental Centre uses the latest technology in soft-diode lasers to achieve therapeutic results with rapid healing and minimal discomfort to the patient.

Welcome to our new branch at Tecom
A new multi speciality clinic now closer to you
Our state-of-art clinic has been created to deliver optimal dental treatment by experienced dental professionals in an ambient atmosphere using the latest technologies available in the xcurrent dental diaphora. Apart from using the latest in dental instrumentation & technology, our focus is to deliver dental treatment in a clean & hygienic environment with a major focus on sterilization of our instruments.
Apart from imparting dental treatment, Toothsmiths Dental Centre believes in educating the patient on their dental requirements adn current trends in preventive and interceptive dentistry. We have created a conference room with appropriate audio-visual requirements where the patients can watch related videos on dentistry and take guidance from our dental professionals.
Our multi-speciality clinic currently caters to every dental requirement of the patient and is now closer to you. We have been proud of our exclusive appointment based practice which ensures you of minimal waiting time in your busy schedules.
Visit Toothsmiths
We are offering a FREE consultation at our new clinic!

Hi, We are Toothsmiths. We help you flaunt that smile!

Having graduated as a distinction student and being the recipient of the Mangalore University Gold Medal, Dr Sameer H Shaikh has a keen nterest to upgrade his current knowledge by attending and presenting in various national & international conferences & symposiums. He is affiliated to various different orthodontic associations.Having done a stint in the teaching of post-graduate orthodontic programs, he understands the need for a continuous up gradation of his orthodontic knowledge….read more
Dr Sameer H Shaikh
Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Seema Vohra graduated from university of Mumbai in 1998.She has worked in Mumbai and Dubai as a general dentist.
She has good experience in preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry.She is dedicated in providing her patients with dental excellence, personal attention and high quality of dental care.The extensive experience in clinical practice earned over the years have helped in sensitizing her to the needs and concerns of the patient….read more
Dr Seema Vohra
General Dentist, B.D.S M.Sc Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry (U.K)

Following her graduate course from SDM Dental College, Dr Kavyashree spent the next couple of years upgrading her clinical skills by attending numerous courses and practicing as an associate dentist in Mumbai. Being a focused listener and up-to-date in the current trends in clinical dentistry, her core competent skills are focused on pain-management in relation to Root Canal Treatment, extractions, cosmetic & laser procedures and children dentistry…read more
Dr Kavyashree Holla
General Dentist
Dr. Dorcus has completed her Master’s Program in the field of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Her speciality now revolves around oral surgical procedures like removal of impacted wisdom teeth, frenectomies, abscess drainage, gingivectomy, apicectomies, cyst enucleations and gum contouring. She developed excellent surgical skills in a graded and systematic ..read more
Dr Dorcus
General Dentist, B.D.S M.D.S Oral Surgeon

Why Choose Toothsmiths?
Orthodontic Trends
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Current Innovations
Straight Wire Appliances
Conventionally, these are called as “braces”. We use 0.022 “ Pre-Adjusted Edgewise Appliances with an MBT Prescription. These could be in Stainless Steel or Ceramic.A majority of orthodontic cases can be treated by these braces alone.
Lingual Braces
The high influx of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has resulted in the increase in popularity of this system. Most adults seek correction of their teeth but are reluctant to have visible braces on their teeth.
Early Orthodontics
Early orthodontic treatment involves seeing the child at 8 – 9 years of age or when the upper permanent incisors have erupted. A trained orthodontist would be able to predict developing anomalies at this early age itself.

What Our Clients Say
This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had and my teeth not only look better but now I don’t have any sensitivity which was a major problem for me. I can't thank you enough.
Michelle Phelps , Marketing Manager


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Dr. Sameer H. Shaikh Orthodontist - Orthodontist,Oral, Implantologist, Endo, Perio, GP

Speak: English, Filipino Or Philipino, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Philippines, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu
Timing: Throughout the week

Bur Dubai clinic: 9am to 1pm then 5pm to 9pm
Tecom clinic:     10am to 2pm then 4 to 8pm
Al Nahda 2 br:     9am to 9pm


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Opening Hours

Bur Dubai Branch : 9am-1pm / 5pm-9pm

Tecom Branch : 10am-2pm / 4pm-8pm

Al Nahda 2: 9am-9pm

Only Tecom branch is open on fridays 2pm-8pm

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