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Health News

Proctalgia fugax and anal pain: Causes and treatments

Date: May-02-2017
Learn about proctalgia fugax, how it is diagnosed, what treatments are available, and can lifestyle changes help? What are other anorectal pain syndromes?

Low-dose aspirin may cut breast cancer risk by a fifth

Date: May-02-2017
Researchers have found that women who take low-dose aspirin at least three times per week may reduce their breast cancer risk by as much as 20 percent.

New type of cell that clears waste from the brain discovered

Date: May-02-2017
A study of zebrafish shows that the brain is surrounded by a previously unknown type of lymphatic cell that clears away waste leaked from the bloodstream.

Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

Date: May-02-2017
Excessive sugar consumption is linked to a variety of health conditions. In this article, find out about how it may increase the risk of diabetes.

Blood group may affect heart attack risk

Date: May-02-2017
Researchers have found that people with a non-O blood type - A, B, and AB - may be at greater risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular events.

Osteoarthritis: Knee joint degeneration slowed with weight loss, study confirms

Date: May-02-2017
A study of more than 600 overweight or obese adults found that substantial weight loss over 4 years slowed the degeneration of knee cartilage.

Unhappy relationships may lead to excessive crying in infants

Date: May-01-2017
Researchers say that an infant's risk of colic, or excessive crying, may be influenced by their mother's relationship happiness and social support.

Miscarriage risk may be higher with use of common antibiotics

Date: May-01-2017
Researchers have associated the use of certain antibiotics in early pregnancy - such as macrolides and quinolones - with an increased risk of miscarriage.

Ice pick headaches: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Date: Apr-30-2017
In this article, learn about ice pick headaches and what causes them. Are there similar headache disorders and what is the suggested treatment?

Best vegetables for type 2 diabetes

Date: Apr-30-2017
Vegetables are good for anyone, but they can especially benefit people with type 2 diabetes. Find out which ones are best and some tasty ways to eat them.