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Health News

Painkillers might not work if you are sleep deprived, study suggests

Date: May-08-2017
A new study examines the effects of painkillers and drugs that promote wakefulness on the pain sensitivity of sleep-deprived mice.

Dawn phenomenon: How to control high morning blood sugars

Date: May-08-2017
The dawn phenomenon is a natural rise in blood sugar that happens before a person wakes up. How does it affect people with diabetes? Find out here.

Low-dose cannabinoid THC restores memory and learning in old mice

Date: May-08-2017
A new study finds that a low dose of THC - the main psychoactive compound in marijuana - can reverse age-related cognitive decline in old mice.

Type 1 diabetes cured in mice using gene therapy

Date: May-08-2017
Researchers reveal how they were able to cure type 1 diabetes in mice by restoring insulin production using a novel gene therapy technique.

Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options for eating out

Date: May-08-2017
Fast food should usually be avoided, but sometimes you need a quick bite on the run. Can people with diabetes eat fast food without risking their health?

Could 'curbside consultations' go digital?

Date: May-08-2017
Primary care and specialty doctors are rarely in the same room these days. How can they consult on complex patient care? Find out how technology can help.

New enzyme blocks gluten, relieves symptoms of gluten intolerance

Date: May-08-2017
Taking an enzyme tablet blocks gluten from entering the small intestine, new study finds, significantly improving symptoms in gluten-sensitive patients.

Chronic migraine severity reduced with investigational drug

Date: May-08-2017
In a phase IIb study, an investigational drug called eptinezumab led to a significant reduction in the severity of chronic migraine.

Can essential oils help treat fibromyalgia?

Date: May-08-2017
Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain and fatigue. Learn more about which essential oils can help manage the physical and mental symptoms.

Can wine protect your neurons? Study investigates

Date: May-07-2017
New research examines the effects of wine compounds on neuronal health, and finds that the gut metabolites of wine may prevent neurons from dying.