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Health News

Ketogenic diet for type 2 diabetes: Does it work?

Date: May-14-2017
What is the ketogenic diet? Learn about the benefits of using the ketogenic diet to manage diabetes and potential side effects. What are the alternatives?

Diabetes doctors: Which specialists treat diabetes?

Date: May-14-2017
There are a variety of healthcare professionals that can help manage diabetes. Knowing what to expect from each will help you make the most of your visit.

Is your child stressed? Get them a dog

Date: May-14-2017
Just like adults, children can be under enormous amounts of stress. New research says that a dog might help children to cope with stressful situations.

PTSD medications may increase dementia risk

Date: May-14-2017
New research suggests a link between post-traumatic stress disorder and increased dementia risk, but this risk may depend on the use of psychoactive drugs.

Diabetes Awareness Month: When is it and what happens?

Date: May-13-2017
Every November, Diabetes Awareness Month helps communities and healthcare professionals highlight the impact of diabetes on millions of lives.

Smoking and diabetes: Risks, effects, and how to quit

Date: May-13-2017
Can smoking cause diabetes? What are the health risks of smoking? Learn how smoking may affect diabetes and how to lower the risk of smoking and diabetes.

Best ice cream for type 2 diabetes

Date: May-13-2017
How does ice cream affect blood sugar levels? Are there any ice creams that are safe for people with diabetes to eat? We find out.

Stroke: Hispanic patients have delayed treatment times, study finds

Date: May-13-2017
Researchers have found that door-to-needle treatment times are longer for Hispanic ischemic stroke patients than non-Hispanic white patients.

Smiling makes you look older

Date: May-13-2017
Do you want to look younger? Then avoid smiling. According to the latest research, if you want to take a couple of years off, look surprised instead.

A leisurely walk can boost mood, psychological well-being

Date: May-13-2017
There may be no need to hit the gym to boost your psychological well-being; new research suggests that a simple leisurely stroll should do the trick.