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Health News

Honey vs. sugar: Is honey really better for you?

Date: Jun-01-2017
What are the benefits of honey and sugar compared to their disadvantages and risks? What are the similarities and differences between honey and sugar?

Bitter melon and diabetes: How does it affect blood sugar levels?

Date: Jun-01-2017
Can bitter melon help people lower their blood sugar and manage the symptoms of diabetes? In this article, we look at the evidence.

Can turmeric help manage diabetes? What the evidence says

Date: Jun-01-2017
In this article learn about turmeric and diabetes. What are the risks, considerations, side effects and outlook of taking turmeric for diabetes?

How does the body process pain? Study sheds new light

Date: Jun-01-2017
A new study looks at the mechanism responsible for pain, examines pain receptors, and develops a technique that relieves chronic pain in rodents.

Foods to avoid for people with diabetes

Date: May-31-2017
Maintaining a healthful diet helps people with diabetes manage their symptoms and improve their energy levels. Learn which foods to avoid in this article.

Skin aging could be delayed with a common antioxidant

Date: May-31-2017
As we age, many of us strive for younger-looking skin. Researchers have uncovered an antioxidant called methylene blue that could provide just that.

Handwashing with cold water just as good as hot water for killing bacteria

Date: May-31-2017
A new study shows that washing your hands with cold water instead of hot for as little as 10 seconds is enough to ward off harmful bacteria.

Early menopause: What you need to know

Date: May-31-2017
Early menopause may occur naturally or by medical treatments. What are the causes, what are the symptoms, and how can early menopause symptoms be treated?

Aging does not necessarily preclude healthy arteries

Date: May-31-2017
High blood pressure and stiff arteries are accepted as normal with aging, but a modifiable lifestyle rather than genetics is the main culprit, says study.

TMJ disorders: Causes, symptoms, and relief

Date: May-31-2017
TMJ disorders affect the temporomandibular joint, causing pain and restricted movement in the jaw. Learn about how they are diagnosed and treated.