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Health News

Blood-clotting protein contributes to Alzheimer's

Date: Feb-07-2019
Though experts typically name beta-amyloid plaques as the main culprits in Alzheimer's disease, new research finds another factor: a leaked blood protein.

Does education really protect against dementia?

Date: Feb-07-2019
Does the length of time an individual spends in education reduce the risk of developing dementia? A new, large-scale study investigates.

How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

Date: Feb-07-2019
A new study investigates how marijuana smoking can affect the quality of sperm. Its findings contradict the researchers' initial hypothesis.

Bladder cancer: What to know about BCG treatment

Date: Feb-06-2019
Bacillus Calmette–Guerin (BCG) treatment can help prevent cancer from returning following surgery for early-stage bladder cancer. Doctors deliver BCG directly to a person’s bladder using a catheter. Learn more about what BCG is, and what to expect during the procedure, here.

The best healthful fast-food options

Date: Feb-06-2019
Fast-food restaurants may save people time cooking at home, but some of their meal options may be high in calories and fat and low in nutrients. Learn about the most healthful fast-food options here.

What are the health benefits of passion fruit?

Date: Feb-06-2019
Passion fruit is a round, purple fruit with edible pulp and seeds. In this article, we look at the health benefits and nutritional value of passion fruit.

How can bipolar disorder affect relationships?

Date: Feb-06-2019
Bipolar disorder causes alterations in mood, leading to depressive and manic or hypomanic episodes. These changes in mood can sometimes put stress on a relationship. Learn how best to navigate a relationship in which one partner has bipolar disorder.

What foods are off limits while pregnant?

Date: Feb-06-2019
Foods to avoid during pregnancy include raw shellfish and soft cheeses. In some cases, women may be able to consume problem foods or beverages in moderation. Learn more here.

What's the difference between borderline personality disorder and bipolar?

Date: Feb-06-2019
Although borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder share some similar symptoms, they are different conditions. One affects a person’s mood, while the other affects a person’s sense of self and their relationships with others. Learn more about the differences in symptoms and treatment here.

Colorectal cancer: TV viewing tied to risk of early onset

Date: Feb-06-2019
A new study links prolonged sitting while viewing TV to a higher risk of young-onset colorectal cancer, regardless of obesity and exercise.