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Health News

One egg per day could reduce stunted growth

Date: Jun-06-2017
Stunted growth affects millions of children worldwide, but a new study finds that feeding young children one egg every day could help.

Extensor tendonitis: Causes, recovery, and prevention

Date: Jun-05-2017
In this article learn about extensor tendons and what causes extensor tendonitis. What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed and treated?

Chocolate allergy vs. chocolate sensitivity: Triggers and symptoms

Date: Jun-05-2017
In this article, we investigate what causes adverse reactions to chocolate, including cocoa allergies, milk allergies, and caffeine sensitivities.

Going to bed later on weekends may harm your health

Date: Jun-05-2017
A study suggests that social jet lag, or going to bed and waking up later on weekends than weekdays, may cause heart disorders and poorer health overall.

Baldness: How close are we to a cure?

Date: Jun-05-2017
Recent discoveries in hair loss research have paved the way for new treatments for baldness. Is the cure for baldness just around the corner? We find out.

Type 2 diabetes: New biopolymer injection may offer weeks of glucose control

Date: Jun-05-2017
New biopolymer injection could potentially replace daily or weekly insulin shots for type 2 diabetes with one that need only occur once or twice per month.

Brain cancer could be prevented with olive oil compound

Date: Jun-05-2017
Researchers have discovered that a compound in olive oil called oleic acid has the potential to prevent the formation of malignant brain tumors.

Kiwi allergy: What you need to know

Date: Jun-05-2017
What are the signs and symptoms of a kiwi fruit allergy and what are the causes? Learn about kiwi allergies in children and how to avoid a trigger.

Patient mortality could be predicted through computer analysis of organs

Date: Jun-05-2017
The 5-year mortality risk of patients with severe illness may one day be predicted through computer analysis of CT scans, say researchers.

Cannabis-derived compound may help treat schizophrenia

Date: Jun-05-2017
New research investigates the potential of the cannabis compound cannabidiol for treating cognitive symptoms in patients with schizophrenia.