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Health News

Universal 10-minute cancer test in sight

Date: Dec-05-2018
Cancer cells have a unique pattern of chemical tags on their DNA, which differs from that of healthy cells and could serve as the basis for a universal test.

Through my eyes: My bipolar journey

Date: Dec-05-2018
My name is Carrie Gale, and I am an Emmy-nominated graphic designer and writer. I also have bipolar II disorder. This is my story.

What role do brain lipids play in Parkinson's disease?

Date: Dec-05-2018
Researchers studying the connection between lipids and toxic protein levels have uncovered a new potential therapeutic target for Parkinson's disease.

Differences between HIV-1 and HIV-2

Date: Dec-05-2018
HIV-1 and HIV-2 are the two main types of HIV. Most people with HIV have HIV-1. Genetic differences between the two viruses mean that diagnosis and treatment of HIV-1 and HIV-2 can be different. Learn more here.

What causes HIV-related fatigue?

Date: Dec-05-2018
Fatigue is a common problem among people living with HIV due to its effects on the immune system, psychological factors, or medication side effects. In this article, we discuss the causes and treatments for HIV-related fatigue.

What is Lhermitte's sign?

Date: Dec-05-2018
Lhermitte's sign is sometimes a symptom of multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating conditions. In this article, learn about what causes Lhermitte's sign, its triggers, and how to reduce the risk of experiencing it.

Depression: Ketamine prevents loss of pleasure in primates

Date: Dec-05-2018
Why do people with depression lose pleasure in daily activities? And why does ketamine help treat depression in some? A new study offers some answers.

Liver health in HIV: This gene indicates new therapeutic targets

Date: Dec-05-2018
A new study explains how the genetic mutation that may have protected our ancestors against the plague could show us how to protect liver health in HIV.

What are the signs of an upper respiratory infection?

Date: Dec-04-2018
An upper respiratory infection is an illness that affects the nose and throat, causing symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. Learn more about upper respiratory infections here.

What are integrase inhibitors for HIV?

Date: Dec-04-2018
Integrase inhibitors (INSTIs) are a class of HIV medication. They block an HIV enzyme, and this prevents the virus from multiplying in the blood. Some common brand names include Biktarvy, Tivicay, Vitekta, and Isentress. Here, learn about side effects and how these drugs work.