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Health News

How to spot bipolar symptoms in yourself

Date: Feb-15-2019
Symptoms of bipolar disorder include periods of mania and depression. Learn more about the potential signs of bipolar disorder, and when to see a doctor for a diagnosis, here.

What are the stages of asthma?

Date: Feb-15-2019
There are four main stages of asthma. The symptoms of each vary in severity, and the treatments at each stage are different. Learn more here.

Diet drinks linked to a higher risk of stroke after the menopause

Date: Feb-15-2019
A large, long-term study of postmenopausal women has linked higher consumption of diet drinks to a raised risk of stroke, heart disease, and death.

Study finds new cognitive decline mechanism in Alzheimer's

Date: Feb-15-2019
A new animal study has identified the cellular mechanism that leads to reduced blood flow to the brain, which, in turn, impacts cognitive function.

How can estrogen help control type 2 diabetes?

Date: Feb-15-2019
New findings on the role of estrogen in diabetes may have a profound effect on how we understand the condition and dietary changes that may control it.

How does asthma affect pregnancy?

Date: Feb-15-2019
Most asthma treatments are safe to use during pregnancy. Uncontrolled asthma can increase the risk of complications. In this article, we discuss the effects of asthma in pregnancy and the best treatments.

Inflammation in midlife hastens cognitive decline

Date: Feb-15-2019
Understanding the risk factors of cognitive decline are now more important than ever. A recent study examined the potential role of inflammation.

What to know about skin ulcers

Date: Feb-15-2019
There are many types of skin ulcers, with different causes and treatments. In this article, we look at the symptoms of skin ulcers and common types, as well as treatments and home remedies.

How music motivates the brain to learn

Date: Feb-15-2019
A new study shows that music taps into the brain's reward circuitry to stimulate a type of learning based on the correct prediction of outcomes.

What causes finger numbness?

Date: Feb-14-2019
Numbness in the fingers and hand can have a variety of different causes, including a pinched nerve, medications, and myofascial pain syndrome. Learn more in this article.