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Health News

Why antibiotics fail in the fight against bacteria

Date: Feb-18-2019
For the first time ever, researchers have managed to establish what allows drug-resistant bacteria to repel the action of potent antibiotics.

Causes and treatments for itchy feet

Date: Feb-18-2019
Itchy feet can be bothersome and stop a person from sleeping or focusing on daily activities. Learn about the causes of itchy feet and how to treat them here.

Marijuana may be risky for those with heart disease

Date: Feb-18-2019
The case of a 70-year-old man who had a heart attack after eating a marijuana lollipop has caused concern in the medical community.

Parkinson's: How stem cells can help repair the brain

Date: Feb-18-2019
A new review examines the past, present, and future of stem cell therapy for replacing damaged brain cells in Parkinson's disease.

Night owls may experience 'jet lag' on a daily basis

Date: Feb-17-2019
New research shows how brain activity in 'night owls' is different from that of 'morning larks,' and how this can affect their productivity and well-being.

Diabetes and Alzheimer's: What's the link?

Date: Feb-17-2019
Although scientists have linked Alzheimer's and diabetes, the exact connection has been difficult to unpick. A recent study now gives further insight.

Can these new compounds treat memory loss in depression?

Date: Feb-16-2019
Researchers have developed novel compounds that may be able to reverse memory loss that relates to depression and other mental health conditions.

Exercise boosts well-being by improving gut health

Date: Feb-16-2019
Researchers believe that physical activity can influence a person's overall health because of its effect on gut health. A new study explains the link.

What causes dark urine?

Date: Feb-15-2019
A variety of issues can cause dark urine, including foods, medication, and dehydration. Learn more about the potential causes and their treatments in this article.

What and when can a fetus hear?

Date: Feb-15-2019
The developing fetus begins to hear around the 18th week of pregnancy and starts to hear low frequencies from outside the woman's body soon after. Learn more about when a fetus can hear.