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Health News

What causes white spots on the tonsils?

Date: Jun-13-2017
Several conditions can cause white spots to appear on the tonsils, including strep throat, oral thrush, and tonsillitis. Learn more in this article.

Potato allergy: Risk factors and symptoms

Date: Jun-13-2017
What causes a potato allergy and who gets a potato allergy? Learn about the complications caused by the allergy and what foods should be avoided.

Allergic and asthmatic bronchitis: Causes and treatments

Date: Jun-12-2017
Bronchitis occurs when the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed. Learn more about the difference between asthmatic and allergic bronchitis.

Eye stroke: Symptoms, risks, and treatment

Date: Jun-12-2017
In this article, learn about what an eye stroke is. How is an eye stroke diagnosed, how can it be prevented, and what treatment is available?

Lung biopsy procedure: What to expect

Date: Jun-12-2017
What are the different types of lung biopsy and who will need a lung biopsy? Learn about the preparation, risks, recovery, and benefits of a biopsy.

Jaw exercises for TMJ pain

Date: Jun-11-2017
What is the temporomandibular joint and what may the causes of pain be? Learn about the exercises that can manage TMJ pain and how it may be prevented.

Menopause: Do vitamins help?

Date: Jun-11-2017
There are a number of vitamins available to help women manage the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Learn about them in this article.

Ulcerative colitis flares: Managing and easing symptoms

Date: Jun-10-2017
What are the causes of ulcerative colitis and what are the symptoms of a flare? Learn how to manage flares, how to reduce them, and when to see a doctor.

Best exercises and postures for ankylosing spondylitis

Date: Jun-10-2017
Following an exercise routine can help people with ankylosing spondylitis manage their symptoms and slow the progression of the condition.

Exercising with bronchitis: Is it safe?

Date: Jun-10-2017
In this article, learn about exercise and lung health. What are the considerations and precautions for exercising with acute and chronic bronchitis?