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Health News

Does the birth control pill stop you from recognizing emotions?

Date: Feb-12-2019
New research suggests that the use of oral contraceptives may impair a person's ability to recognize facial expressions relating to complex emotions.

Is my jaw broken or dislocated?

Date: Feb-11-2019
Injuries to the jaw may cause a break, fracture, or dislocation. Other causes of dislocation include dental procedures or yawning. Treatment may include surgery. Learn more here.

What are examples of immunodeficiency disorders?

Date: Feb-11-2019
Immunodeficiency disorders, such as eczema, make it harder for the immune system to fight off infections and bacteria. Learn more about immunodeficiency disorders here.

Lower respiratory tract infections: What to know

Date: Feb-11-2019
Lower respiratory infections include all infections below the voice box, which often involve the lungs. In this article, we look at the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for lower respiratory infections.

Natural ways to boost fertility

Date: Feb-11-2019
People can increase their chances of getting pregnant naturally by reducing alcohol use, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoking. Learn more here.

What is a normal respiratory rate?

Date: Feb-11-2019
A normal respiratory rate varies depending on a person’s age and activity levels. In this article, we look at the normal rates and what high and low rates mean.

Paleo diet meal plan: A simple guide

Date: Feb-11-2019
People following a paleo diet eat only foods that were available during the Paleolithic period when humans hunted and gathered all their food. Learn more about it and read our 7-day meal plan here.

What to know about obstructive lung disease

Date: Feb-11-2019
Obstructive lung disease describes a range of conditions in which a person’s airways are blocked. In this article, we look at its types, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Simple drug formula regenerates brain cells

Date: Feb-11-2019
Scientists have shown how a drug cocktail of four compounds can convert glia, or support cells, next to damaged neurons into new working neurons.

Breast cancer screening saved over 27,000 lives in 2018

Date: Feb-11-2019
A new study estimates that breast cancer mortality rates have fallen by approximately half in the United States in 2018, thanks to screening and therapy.