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Health News

Ten essential menopause facts

Date: Jun-04-2017
In this article learn about ten essential menopause facts including topics on pregnancy, relationships, perimenopause, hormones, and disease.

Chronic pain after C-section may be reduced by breast-feeding

Date: Jun-04-2017
Breast-feeding for at least 2 months after a C-section may reduce the risk of chronic pain 4 months after the procedure, a new study finds.

Do Americans regret one-night stands? Study investigates

Date: Jun-04-2017
A new study compares the psychological attitudes of Americans and Norwegians toward casual sex, also looking at gender and cultural differences.

Bronchitis: Is it contagious?

Date: Jun-04-2017
There are two types of bronchitis, acute and chronic. While both involve a wet, persistent cough, their causes can be different. When are they contagious?

Tuberculosis skin test: What to expect

Date: Jun-03-2017
What happens during a tuberculosis skin test and what do the results mean? What are the symptoms of tuberculosis and how is it diagnosed?

FSH levels: Testing for menopause and fertility

Date: Jun-03-2017
How do you diagnose menopause and test for fertility in both sexes? FSH tests can be used for both. In this article we explore how FSH tests work.

Laughter releases 'feel good hormones' to promote social bonding

Date: Jun-03-2017
Social laughter releases endorphins, or 'feel good hormones,' in brain regions linked to emotion and arousal, which may promote social bonding, says study.

Facial recognition not as complex as previously thought

Date: Jun-03-2017
Our ability to recognize millions of faces is incredible. However, a new study finds that, in reality, the mechanisms involved are simpler than we thought.

Ulcerative colitis: Natural remedies for managing symptoms

Date: Jun-03-2017
What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis? Can natural remedies manage symptoms, and what lifestyle and dietary changes are recommended.

Exposure to heavy metals may increase risk of autism

Date: Jun-02-2017
New research finds higher concentrations of heavy metals in the baby teeth of children with autism spectrum disorder, compared with children without.