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Health News

What is an HIV viral load?

Date: Nov-29-2018
Viral load is the amount of HIV per milliliter of blood. Antiretroviral therapy aims to reduce a person’s viral load to undetectable levels, where the virus is no longer transmittable. Here, we discuss what viral load and CD4 levels mean for a person living with HIV.

Low back pain: Pulsed radiofrequency may be the answer

Date: Nov-29-2018
Applying pulsed radiofrequency directly to the roots of the nerves near the spine can reduce inflammation and back pain, according to a recent study.

Gun ownership and dementia: A growing concern

Date: Nov-29-2018
As the older population of the United States grows, the prevalence of dementia also rises. A new paper discusses dementia and gun ownership.

What is the difference between MS and lupus?

Date: Nov-28-2018
Multiple sclerosis and lupus both involve the immune system, but they cause different symptoms. In this article, learn about the differences and how a doctor makes a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of HIV in women?

Date: Nov-28-2018
HIV can affect anyone, and it may cause different symptoms in males and females. In this article, learn how HIV affects women and about the treatment options.

HIV and AIDS: Transmission myths and facts

Date: Nov-28-2018
There are many myths about HIV and AIDS, including some about transmission. Developments in treatment mean that a person’s risk of contracting or transmitting HIV is significantly reduced. It is also vital to note that people cannot transmit AIDS, which develops from untreated HIV. Learn more.

What are the symptoms of low sodium levels?

Date: Nov-28-2018
Low sodium in the blood can cause confusion, lethargy, and nausea. Treatment depends on the cause. Learn more about low sodium levels, risk factors, prevention and treatment here.

How can you clear up sinus congestion?

Date: Nov-28-2018
Sinus congestion occurs when fluid becomes trapped in the sinuses. Home remedies including hydration, steam inhalation, and using eucalyptus oil, among others. Learn more about clearing up sinus congestion here.

Is fructose bad for you?

Date: Nov-28-2018
In this article, we look at whether or not fructose is bad for a person’s health, and how it compares with other sugars such as glucose.

New strategy defeats cancer cells that evade chemotherapy

Date: Nov-28-2018
Scientists have found that making the cancer cells that survive chemotherapy more aggressive results in them being vulnerable to anti-inflammatories.